The Art of Nails

The Art Of Nails

Throughout history, there have been millions of health and beauty trends that have come and gone, but one seems to be here for the long haul. Manicures, or “getting your nails done” has been something we humans have been doing for centuries! Of course, the style, shape, decorations, and functionality have changed but people have always known how to pamper themselves!

I’ve never been one to stick to the many time-consuming beauty regimes that other women live up to, but getting my nails done is something I do religiously. Getting a manicure is fantastic for several reasons: it’s a stress relief to have someone work on your hands, it builds a relationship with the technician and having someone to shoot the breeze with, it’s celebrating your individuality, and it’s caring for your hygiene and personal health. 

Most people work with their hands, in one way or another, and after a long week, our fingers and wrists can be sore. Getting a manicure soothes the muscles in your hand, relaxes your wrists, and nourishes the skin and cuticles. Not to mention, having cleaned/trimmed nails is just hygienic and can even be dictated by an employer.

In addition to physical health, getting your nails done is good for your mental and social health. So many of us yearn for those social interactions, even if they’re only for an hour every few weeks. Some like to chill at the barbershop, others gossip at the hair salon, but I enjoy hangouts at the nail salon. Not only do I get to socialize with the employees and other customers, but I usually make an appointment with a family member or friend – it’s fun to make a whole day of it! Now when it comes to what to get done to your nails, the sky’s the limit. There are so many things to consider: length, shape, style, color, decoration, and application. 

When it comes to length, you must go with what is functional and comfortable for you. Some workplaces have strict guidelines on what your manicure can look like, so whenever you can live it up, go for it! The shape of your nails can also be about functionality, but it can also say a lot about you and your style. Round or almond-shaped nails are more traditional, look natural, and can be very classy. Square-shaped nails are fun and can be very versatile. Stiletto or coffin-shaped nails are all the craze and sure to have a fierce look, but I sure can’t find any functionality. Where I like to go wild is with the colors I choose! Of course, I have certain themed colors for certain holidays and seasons, but overall, I like to go with a color that matches my personality and my mood at the time (which is usually glitter). 

Some people have been taking it far passed the funky colors and have been adding all sorts of decorations to their manicures. I have seen jewels/gems, beads, charms, flowers, and even dead scorpions! Again, some of the styles look awesome but I still don’t see the functionality. Maybe one of the more important things to consider when getting a manicure is the applications you are using. Different techniques require different tools, processes, and chemicals. Some are healthier than others, some last longer than others, and (as always) some are more expensive than others. Personally, I have been sticking with dip powder application for some time now. I have noticed that it is a little bit more expensive but lasts twice as long as gel polish, is stronger than any other application I’ve tried, comes in the same variety of colors (yes, glitter), and is healthier/gentler on my nails. As with anything beauty-related: to each their own. Some people may agree with me, some may think “the bolder the better”, and others may think the whole process is not even necessary and they’ll just clip their nails at home. Whichever your stance on manicures, we can all agree that getting your nails done is a trend that doesn’t seem like it’s going to end any time soon.

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