10 Tips to Protect Your Carpets During Fall

As the weather turns cooler and the leaves start to fall, you may be tempted to leave your windows open in order to save on heating costs, but there’s one issue that may come up when you do this – dust and dirt getting all over your carpets. It’s important to protect your carpets during the fall season because they are one of the biggest investments in your home and leaving them unprotected can cause long-term damage that isn’t covered by your home insurance policy. If you want to protect your carpets during the fall, follow these 10 tips for safeguarding them this season

1) Watch out for pets

Floor coverings are an investment. If you want them to last for a long time, you’ll need to protect them. During the fall, it’s especially important to take extra care of your carpets and rugs because leaves can make their way into your home or office through the windows or through any other door that’s open. It’s important not only for the inside but for outside too.

2) Clean your carpet at least twice a year

Your carpets accumulate dirt and grime from your daily activities and a lot of this sticks around during the winter. But just because it’s colder outside doesn’t mean your carpets are going to stay clean. We recommend deep cleaning at least twice a year, but every six months is best for homes with kids or pets. If you live in a rental apartment, take care of the carpet as soon as possible so you can avoid paying expensive fees later on down the line.

3) Vacuum often

Vacuuming often is a key component to keeping your carpets clean. Once a week should be sufficient, though some people prefer vacuum every few days. The frequency of vacuuming largely depends on the amount of foot traffic and the types of shoes worn in your home. Keep in mind that most carpet fibers will show anything that’s been left on them for several hours after vacuuming.

4) Use rugs

Covering your carpets with area rugs will help protect them during this time of year. Area rugs not only add an elegant touch, but they also absorb spills and guard against stains, keeping your expensive carpets safe and sound.

5) Set your air conditioner to 78 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius)

In the summer, cool air can dry out carpeting and make them more susceptible to stains. This is why you want to set your AC at 78 degrees Fahrenheit in the fall. Keeping the temperature in your home consistent will keep your carpets looking their best!

6) Don’t let water sit on the carpet

If you want your carpets to look their best during this time of year, there are a few things you can do to help. If it is raining outside and the carpots are soaked, try wringing out the carpet gently so that it won’t dry with a damp spot on the floor. And if there is just water left after rain or other types of spills, let your carpets dry naturally.

7) Keep an eye on your window treatments and blinds

Now that the weather is cooling down, your windows and blinds will be closed more often. This means you’ll want to take a closer look at your window treatments and make sure they’re clean of debris and can operate well without any strain. It’s also important that the drapes you hang near your windows are easy to clean; this will help keep messes from staying on your carpets for long periods of time.

8) Call your insurance agent (if you have homeowner’s insurance)

Make sure you’ve talked with your insurance agent about what they will or won’t cover. Remember, the time of year and your location can have a lot of say in what is covered by the policy. Â Insurance agents should be a valuable resource for this type of question because they know their policies inside and out.

9) Consider professional cleaning once or twice a year

In addition to regular vacuuming, consider professional cleaning of your carpets at least once or twice a year. A deep-clean will remove surface stains and keep new ones from forming. Other methods for protecting your carpets include placing floor mats at entrances where dirt is tracked in, keeping plants away from the carpet and avoiding window treatments that interfere with airflow.

10) Create more humidity in your home by using vaporizers and humidifiers

Turn on your humidifier for 24 hours after vacuuming, then turn it off for the next 24 hours. This will create more humidity in your home and help protect your carpets during fall. • Vacuum weekly: Allowing dust and debris to accumulate can lead to scratches and abrasion, so vacuum at least once a week. • Regularly clean hard surfaces: Cleaning hard surfaces like furniture, floors, tables, and walls will help keep dirt from making its way onto your carpet.
• Use fabric runners: These are an inexpensive way of adding some color or texture to a room while protecting your carpet from wear & tear.


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